Teeth whitening or dental bleaching is one of the most common cosmetic procedure in dentistry. The basic purpose of teeth whitening is to lighten the colour of discoloured teeth.
Discoloration of teeth may be due to:
External stains on the teeth acquired from poor oral hygiene and habits as chewing tobacco or excessive smoking. These are easily cleared with oral prophylaxis and teeth whitening procedure. One can expect teeth to be lightened by 5-7 grades. Generally, it is a one time half an hour, in dental office procedure that gives the satisfactory results.
Internal stains or intrinsic discoloration of teeth: Use of tetracycline antibiotics or exposure to excessive fluoridated water in childhood may results in brown stains on the teeth. These stains are deep seated and difficult to remove. These may require home bleaching complimenting the in dental office bleaching procedure. It may require more than one appointment to get to the desired shade.
Teeth may be discoloured following a trauma or root canal treatment. Teeth in the smile zone may require intrinsic single tooth bleaching procedure to get the desired aesthetic result from the final metal free crown or laminates.
Methods of teeth whitening:
In dental office bleaching: We use different strengths of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to do teeth whitening. Oral prophylaxis is done to remove the external debris collected on teeth. A Gingival protector is used to protect the gums from the effects of whitening solution. 1-2 application of about 10 minute each is good enough to get the desired shade. One is instructed to limits the intake of tea/coffee and to avoid coloured food for 5-7 days. Teeth gets rehydrated and the shade after 7 days is long lasting.
Home bleaching: This is generally to boost the in dental office whitening results once in 6 months or in cases of deep-seated intrinsic stains. A custom-made tray is made from impression of one’s teeth. A mild whitening solution/ gel is given to the patient. Instructions involve spreading the required quantity of gel in to the tray and keeping the tray in one’s mouth for 1-3 hrs. This is followed by rinsing the excess gel from mouth after the procedure. This may be done for about 7 days.
At DDCRC, we have the latest technology and are fully equipped and qualified to execute teeth whitening procedures. We do a complete oral examination and chart out a teeth-whitening procedure that will help to go home with a sparkling, confident smile.