“A well made complete denture gives the lost charm of a face and helps to restore the self confidence and health of a patient”.
Why Overdenture?
? Your complete denture is moving and shaking when you speak.
? Cannot chew your food due to the movement of lower denture when you chew
? Taking a lot of time to finish your food.
? Shy of public speaking due to changed tone and voice.
? Your day to day life is affected due to lack of self confidence with loose dentures.
If you think of any one point above, you need to know more about overdenture.
To get a better feeling of a stable denture that does not move with every word spoken, better option for patients with most or all teeth missing are Overdentures. An over-denture is used with either remaining natural teeth or with implants.

What are the indications of overdenture?

  • When the pysiologically, anatomically and psychologically; patient is not ready for full implant supported bridge.
  • When bone volume and anatomy does not allow to place the required number of implants for full implant supported bridge.
  • When the relationship of upper and lower arche make the achievement of a fixed prosthesis difficult.
  • Phonetic problems caused by a uncontrolled saliva, loose dentures and palatal coverage.
  • High aesthetic requirements.
  • Limited financial budget.
Natural teeth supporting overdenture:
natural-teeth-supporting-overdenture Some cases might permit dentists to save a few natural teeth by using extensive root canal treatments. These remaining teeth are used as support structures with a capping or a retention ball attached to them. The natural teeth structure thus act like posts over which the denture is retained.
Implant supported overdenture:
In cases where it is not possible to save any remaining teeth even through root canal treatments, implants are used to retain and support a denture. The methods of taking support from implants are ball & socket, custom made bar splintting all the implants.
The implants allow the individual to talk and eat freely without worrying about wobbling of the dentures; it is one of the most efficient method to ensure that dentures provide a natural feel while talking and consumption of food.