Gingivoplasty refers to the modification of height, thickness, shape and size of the gingival tissue surrounding the teeth. It is done to achieve a more healthy, harmonious, even, uniform pink colored gingival tissue that envelops the teeth appealingly and easy to maintain.
When is Gingivoplasty or Gingivectomy advised?
• Aesthetic:
  • Remove excessive gingival tissue that gives uneven appearance to the gingival,
  • To get symmetrical gingival level in the smile zone,
  • To correct the zenith of gingiva as per the axial inclination of teeth,
  • To get a coming through look for pontics,
  • To fill the interdental black triangles,
  • To remove the discoloured dark patches on gingiva.
  • Excessive gingival tissue covering the clinical crown of teeth,
  • Pockets that difficult to be clean,
  • To adapt the gingival as per the contour of underlying bone.
  • To remove the flabby tissue in upper anterior, retromolar area or tuberosity area before denture impressions.
  • Excessive gingiva in partial denture ridge area.
  • To get adequate length and ferrule for crown retention,
  • To get a restoration margin that can be cleaned easily.