Oral Prophylaxis at DDCRC?
  • We use Ultrasonic Scaling Systems to give in depth cleaning using various attachments for various applications.
  • As it operate at a very high frequency, the procedure is very comfortable & time saving.
  • We may recommend multiple sitting procedure depending on the amount of calculus, your oral/ general health, stage of periodontitis and most important your comfort level.
  • Whenever it is required, We use local anaesthesia to make you comfortable.
  • The scaling is followed by polishing of the tooth surface to make it smooth.
  • We chart out a regular recall visit schedule for you that will help you to avoid severe oral and dental problem in future.

Plaque is a biofilm (usually colorless) that builds up on the teeth, soft and can be easily removed by regular brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing. Oops, it comes again with in minutes after brushing; but it is harmless in the beginning. Later it develops into definitively pathological entity called Calculus.
Calculus often refereed as tartar is the calcified deposits on theteeth, formed by the continuous presence of dental plaque. Its rough surface provides an ideal medium for further plaque formation, unaesthetic stains and a breeding ground for number of bacteria, threatening the health of the gingiva.
What happens when you don't clean your teeth?
According to the Sri Lankan Tea Labourer study, in the absence of any oral hygiene activity, approximately 10% will suffer from severe periodontal disease with rapid loss of attachment (>2 mm/year). 80% will suffer from moderate loss (1-2 mm/year) and the remaining 10% will not suffer any loss.
What is the Solution?
ORAL PROPHYLAXIS at regular interval of time. The oral prophylaxis is the removal of Plaque, Calculus and Stain from exposed and unexposed surfaces of the teeth by Scaling and Polishing as a preventive measure for the control of local irritational factors or as definitive cure for existing gum/ periodontal diseases like Gingiviti or Bleeding Gums, Periodontitis or Swollen, Bleeding, Foul Smelling Gums with or without shaking teeth.
Preventive Measures:
  • Brush your teeth 2 times a day. Once in the morning and once before going to bed in the night.
  • Flossing and use of other interdental aids as recommended to clean the space in between the teeth.
  • Massage your gums with fingre after brushing your teeth.
  • Healthy eating habits to keep your health in genermal fit and fine.
  • Especially diabetic patients should keep a check on their blood sugar level.
  • Follow the regular Oral Prophylaxis schedule as charted out by dentist.