What are functional appliance?

These are fixed or removable orthodontic appliance which use forces generated by stretching of muscles, fascia and/or periodontium to change skeletal or dental relationship.

When are functional appliance used and how do they act?

These are mainly used during the developing stage of children if there are signs of dental and/or skeltal ClII relationship. In this case there is excessive development of upper jaw, placing it forward than lower jaw. So, child would be having trapped lower lip between upper and lower teeth.The myofunctional appliance restricts or redirect the gowth of upper jaw and stimulate the growth of lower jaw.

It can also be used in Cl III cases by restraing or redirecting the development of lower jaw.

Examples of functional appliance:
Removable: Twin Block, Frankel and bionator.
Fixed: Herbst

Bionator Frankel
myofunctional-app--Bionator myo-functional-app-frankel
Herbst Twin Block
myofunctional-app-herbst myofunctional-app-Twin-Block

What is Twin Block Therapy?

Twin Block Appliance is made up of two independent plates; one is for upper jaw and other is for lower jaw. This therapy is generally used for patients who are in active growth stage that is normally 9 to 15 year of age.

The basic appliance positions the lower jaw forward to encourage active growth of lower jaw in proportion to upper jaw. It improves the intercuspation of upper and lower teeth and more important improves the Profile of patient.
It is far more efficient treatment option than waiting for the problem to get severe. After completion of growth, only braces may not be able to position the upper and lower teeth in most favorable position without some surgical intervention.
As this therapy does not straighten the rotated, crooked or spaced teeth, Patient may be advised a fixed orthodontic treatment after or during this treatment.

When and How much time one has to wear this Appliance?

This appliance need to worn 24 hours a day, including eating and sleeping. Wearing it during eating will speed up its action; one just has to take it out afer eating to clean it and your mouth thoroughly.

Does this Appliance cause any Pain?

Patient does report that the teeth, lower jaw and muscles ache for some days after starting the therapy. One may be prescribed pain killer medicine for few days in the starting. Once your mouth and musculature get used to it, the discomfort and pain disappears.


How long does this treatment take?

This active treatment lasts from 6-9 months depending a lot on the patient’s compliance and the severity of the disease. The active phase is generally followed by Passive phase for 6 to 12 months with removal retainers to stabilize the results gained during active treatment.

If one’s teeth need correction in terms of Spaces and crowding, one may be advised Fixed Orthodontic treatment with Braces.


What are the Instructions and Precautions?

  • Twin Blocks should only be taken out for cleaning. Clean after every meal, as food will collect under the appliances.
  • Scrub thoroughly with a toothbrush and toothpaste, then rinse with cool water.
  • Remove and insert the Twin Blocks by using the acrylic, NOT the wires, to dislodge the appliance.
  • Adjustment of expansion screws, strictly as per the instructions.
  • Avoid chewing gums and sticky, sweet food that can stick to appliance or increase the chances of developing cavities.
  • Keep your next appointment.