What are partial dentures?

Partial removable dentures are dentures used as replacement teeth when few of the healthy natural teeth are remaining in an arch. These natural teeth can help to support and retain the partial dentures.

What are the types of partial dentures?

1. Acrylic Partial Denture:
This removable partial denture usually consists of replacement teeth set in pink or gum coloured acrylic resin. One or more wire clasps are placed around the natural teeth to assist in retention of the partial denture.
2. Co-Cr Cast Metal Partial Denture:
It is the best and most durable partial denture, made of a metal framework. The metal framework clasps and rests on the natural teeth, there by taking some support and retention from your natural teeth without putting undue pressure on your gums. The teeth are shaped to receive the occlusal rests. Modern cast metal dentures are typically made of strong alloys such as cobalt-chrome, which are thin like plastic but do not break as easily.
3. Flexible Partial Denture:
The primary difference between this type and the acrylic denture is the material used. Flexible partial dentures replace the acrylic resin with a more flexible material. The clasps of the denture also use the flexible material as opposed to metal clasps that are used in acrylic dentures. The flexible material and clasps provide a more comfortable fit and cause less irritation and trauma to the mucosa.