Tooth loss can be caused by severe gum disease, accidents or other reasons. Modern dental science has advanced to a stage where lost teeth can be restored using a number of options.

Fixed teeth are a viable option for a number of individuals. Fixed teeth are basically false teeth that cannot be removed by the individual; they are in effect fixed into the person’s mouth. At DDCRC we suggest the use of fixed teeth for various clients based on their needs and type of tooth loss.

What if I do not want to replace the lost tooth?

  • Decreased chewing and biting efficiency, as you lose 1 tooth, non- functional opposite tooth & decreased efficiency of adjacent teeth due to shift.
  • Food impaction leads to cavities and periodontal diseases.
  • Smile is spoiled as space appears between the rotated teeth.
  • Most important; deterioration or disappearance of jaw bone may make the replacement very difficult in prime of your life.

What are the options of replacing missing teeth?

  • DENTAL IMPLANTS are the most effective replacement for lost teeth.
  • FIXED BRIDGE replaces one or more missing teeth, supported by teeth on one or both sides. Each adjacent tooth is prepared to receive full crowns or caps.
  • REMOVABLE DENTURE/ PROSTHESIS are an appliance that replaces 1 or more lost teeth. The denture is held in place by clasping some of the remaining teeth and covering a part of mucosa.

What are the advantages of fixed teeth over removable dentures?

  • You need not to take out the false teeth at bedtime. This could be an awkward situation, if you are visiting someone.
  • You would not get hurt due to any flange of false teeth, as these are not freely movable.
  • You are more confident in speaking, as you do not think if other person is noticing your wobbling dentures.
  • Fixed teeth gives better aesthetics due to absence of any metallic clasps on adjacent teeth.
  • Your chewing efficiency is much better as you can apply only about 30% of the force with removable partials dentures.
  • Fixed teeth occupy only the space meant for your teeth. There is no supporting or retaining flange that occupy the space of tongue or palate.
  • Implants are the only option where you can preserve the natural jawbone in extracted tooth site. All other options does not prevent the diminishing jawbone with time.