Analyse Your Smile

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Emotional Smile Evaluation*:

This is a more subjective evaluation method focusing on the individual’s perception regarding his/her smile. The questions below are designed to gauge an individual’s idea of a smile and his/her personality.
• Do you love the appearance of your teeth and smile? *
• Do you ever turn your face when smiling or hold your hand up in front of your mouth when talking to others? *
• Have you ever found yourself looking at models or other people with beautiful smiles and wishing you had a similar smile? *
• Have you figured out a way to use your lips to cover any aspect of your smile? *
• Are you embarrassed to visit a cosmetic dentist due to the condition of your teeth or the length of time since your last visit to a dentist? *
• How does your smile make you feel? Confident? *
• Do you shy away from showing a full smile in front of other people, especially strangers? *
• When taking pictures, do you tend to smile with your lips closed instead of flashing a happy smile? *
• Have you ever held back a laugh because you felt uncomfortable about your smile? *
• Would a beautiful new smile make you feel confident? *
Objective Smile Evaluation:*

The objective method, is more of a checklist method, relying on questions that focus on observable facts regarding ones smile.
• What is the colour of your teeth? *
• Are there spaces between any of your teeth? *
• Are you missing any of your teeth? *
• Do you have teeth that are in a line? *
• Do the biting edges of your upper teeth follow the curvature of your lower lip? *
• What is the size of your teeth? *
• How are the edges of your teeth? *
• Do your teeth (as a group) slant one way or another? *
• Is the midline of your two front teeth centred with your face and nose? *
• Are the edges of your canine teeth? *
• Do you grind your teeth or are any of the biting edges on your teeth chipped or worn down? *
• How much gingival do you show when smiles? *
• Are your gums even, in line and symmetrical? *
• Does your gums appear red or puffy? *
• Do you have any grey, black or silver dental fillings in your front teeth? *
• Do you have any old crowns that have dark edges at the top or that don't really look natural in your smile? *